Friday, January 27, 2012

Lovecraft Chess, Round 2

Awhile back I sculpted up some mini Lovecraft monsters that I was going to mold and cast and turn into a chess set. As chronicled here, that was less than successful due to a batch of cheap silicone I bought. Ultimately I decided to just re-sculpt the entire set, due to the fact that I was less than pleased with certain aspects of the original. I hated the bases, so opted to hunt down some wee little wooden plaques so the would be all round and uniform, and some of the designs I felt were a bit lacking.
So here is the New And Improved Chess Set.

It's more difficult than you might think to sculpt a good-looking amorphous eyeball slime monster.

The original Deep One was one of the pieces I was least happy with, as it felt rushed and the crouching hands-on-knees pose was too similar to Cthulhu.

The Old One I kept almost identical to the original sculpt I did, but simplified the surface detail some. 

Little Yithian? Adorable.

The original Shub-Niggurath was another of the pieces I wasn't really happy with, it also felt too close to the classic Cthulhu pose, so I went for something a little more dynamic.

And little Cthulhu: more cuddly than menacing.

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