Friday, January 27, 2012

Lovecraft Chess, Round 2

Awhile back I sculpted up some mini Lovecraft monsters that I was going to mold and cast and turn into a chess set. As chronicled here, that was less than successful due to a batch of cheap silicone I bought. Ultimately I decided to just re-sculpt the entire set, due to the fact that I was less than pleased with certain aspects of the original. I hated the bases, so opted to hunt down some wee little wooden plaques so the would be all round and uniform, and some of the designs I felt were a bit lacking.
So here is the New And Improved Chess Set.

It's more difficult than you might think to sculpt a good-looking amorphous eyeball slime monster.

The original Deep One was one of the pieces I was least happy with, as it felt rushed and the crouching hands-on-knees pose was too similar to Cthulhu.

The Old One I kept almost identical to the original sculpt I did, but simplified the surface detail some. 

Little Yithian? Adorable.

The original Shub-Niggurath was another of the pieces I wasn't really happy with, it also felt too close to the classic Cthulhu pose, so I went for something a little more dynamic.

And little Cthulhu: more cuddly than menacing.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Painted Turtle!


It's done!! IT'S DONE!!!

I actually had completed "Stumpy's" paint job before the holiday madness, but I only now got around to photographing and editing photos of him.

Tree bark is, quite possibly, more frustrating to paint than it is to sculpt. Trees are an odd sort of non-colour, not quite brown, or grey, or tan, and old tree stumps have all sorts of patches of greens and browns and blacks from the various things growing on them. After some excessive cursing and perhaps more layers of paint than I care to admit, I think I got something close.

Now that my Stump Tortoise is finished, it is ONWARD to more sculpting madness!