Thursday, April 21, 2011

Computer Woes, Cthulhu Idols, and Sick Crabs

I went and started this blog thinking I'd update once a week, but I've been spending the past four months with a crippled, zombie laptop that I'm almost afraid to turn on lest it burst into flames. The hard drive crashed and we managed to salvage all my files and revive it so it's usable...but it's making noises now if I leave it on too long so my computer time has been limited (read: almost non-existant) However, I've started up the Build A New Computer Fund, and once I have that in place, I will actually be able to run Photoshop without my crippled zombie dinosaur computer crapping out on me. Not to mention being able to use the computer without fear that it will crash in the middle of something important. But I think we've all been there. Hooray!

I also find myself tending to one of my studio pets, who has developed a bit of shell rot. He hates being bothered. In fact, he hates being looked at sometimes, and will glare angrily at me the entire time I'm working. He especially hates being rudely picked up and stuck in a bucket while I clean his tank.

Those claws are almost comically, disproportionately huge. Also, they hurt like hell.

Sick crawdads aside, my latest sculpting project has been an obligatory Cthulhu idol, which is now nearing completion. He will begin collection souls shortly.

Stay tuned for more rambling whenever I find the courage to turn on my computer again. As it is, it's making some buzzing noises at the moment, so I should probably turn it off....

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