Saturday, March 19, 2011

Holy Crap! I Have A Blog Now

I figured it was about time I had one of these things. So here it is. And as you have probably deduced, it will be full of my personal art and probably more than a few somewhat amusing anecdotes and rantings.

As this is the first post, there isn't much here at the moment to look at. I will be working to fix that in the nearest future. My primary outlet for creativity for the past couple years has been sculpture, but I also do ink drawings and occasionally paintings in oil and acrylic, or graphite, or coloured pencil, or collage...or just about anything, really. Chances are, if it's an art medium, I've tried it. Most of my work manifests as some form of fantasy creature or other, ranging from the dark and twisted to the sickeningly adorable.

And as not to waste anymore of your eyeballspace with text ramblings, here's a dragon, inspired by the mad inkwork of illustrator Ian Miller.

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