Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Creative Process

Over at my DeviantART page, I've been running a little segment for awhile called "The Creative Process." It's mostly a social commentary on art, creation, and life in general, featuring the Savage Goldfish. Since it's been gaining some popularity I figured I'd bring it over here as well.

A lot of "The Creative Process" deals with the rage, frustration, and general angst of an artist. If one could listen at the door of my studio when I'm working, one would hear periods of silence punctuated by bouts of excessive screaming and profanity. Most of my non-artist friends--the ones who see a finished product and go "OMG That's SO cool, I wish I could draw/sculpt like that!"--can't fathom that a lot of the process is frustrating, tedious, aggravating, and really not that fun. The few people who have sat in with me when I'm working are thus usually puzzled by the amount of screaming I do, and wonder why, if it's so aggravating, I continue to do it.

The answer is typically "Because I am COMPELLED to," which is not something easily understood by non-creative types.

Take, for example, this:

I have not done many sculptures with feathers, but every time I do it's something like this. Which is probably why I have not done many sculptures with feathers. 

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